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Month: March 2010

I once owned a Canon G10
March 21, 2010
On the road, South Africa
We were airborne once again. Our South African Airways A340-300 was dashing through the sky like an arrow towards its target. At our easterly route 39,000 feet cruising altitude,...
Cartwheels over Lesotho - The Teaser
March 11, 2010
Lesotho Trip, Photoblogs
It's been weeks since we came back from the road. With so much to do in Cape Town, including flash training sessions for the Argus Cycle Tour, I've only had moderate amounts of...
Back in Cape Town
March 1, 2010
On the road, South Africa
The 2010 South Africa road trip is over. We'd left Constantia two weeks ago, bound for Lesotho. 4300 km, 2 hairy mountain passes, 4 National Parks, 4 border crossings and many...