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Month: November 2010

Rainbow time
November 24, 2010
Photography, Schtroumpfissime
The new hard drive arrived from Dell overnight as promised and I replaced it immediately. My Windows disc image functioned perfectly and I was able to restore my system to its...
When it pours...
November 22, 2010
Bits and pieces, Schtroumpfissime
My computer hard drive just failed. The bloody thing was nice enough to barely give me sufficient warning for a quick save of my book files to an external drive, and to make a...
Slowly but surely
November 20, 2010
Namib Trip, Reviews, Stories
Below is a graphic representation of the pace at which my current bookmaking project is moving along. It will be a self-published feature to start with but I am planning on using...
The Coney Island Chronicles
November 11, 2010
New York, Photoblogs
As a matter of courtesy, Marie and I revisited Coney Island recently to update our mental picture into a winter one and to replenish our supply of marine air. The poor place is in...
Unpublished Namibia
November 9, 2010
Namib Trip, Photoblogs, South Africa
Digging into my 2009 image bank for a book project, I am finding little rough jewels that didn't make the cut back then but are making me sigh today... Sunrise in Sossusvlei,...