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Month: March 2011

Wordpress is live!
March 29, 2011
Bits and pieces, Web site news
Well, I've by-passed the beta stage and gone directly to Coriolistic Anachronisms Version 2.0, WordPress-powered! If you are reading this, things are looking good. I'm hoping that...
In the News: Testing Wordpress
March 27, 2011
Blogging, Web site news
I have been an unconditional fan of my blogging engine Serendipity for as long as I have been a blogger myself. It's been fun, reliable and very stable. The great advantage of...
Sunset on Table Mountain, Part II
March 12, 2011
HDR, Photoblogs, South Africa
It would appear that, distracted by other issues, I spaced out and forgot to post half of the pictures associated with my previous Table Mountain Sunset story. So here they...