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Month: October 2014

We Run
October 31, 2014
New York, Photoblogs, Running
Some run to win, others not to lose. Some run to look, others to be seen. I've seen many run because of looks. They are trying to be winners. I just run, I reckon....
Fall Was Straggling, Summer Had Gone
October 18, 2014
New York, Photoblogs, Stories
The Zipcar is dirty. Again. Its seats are stained and you sit down uneasily. The windshield reluctantly shows you the world through a slightly foggy film embedded with...
Personae Non Grata
October 4, 2014
Cayman Islands, Hydrosphere, Little Cayman Chronicles, Schtroumpfissime, Stories
This is a re-post of a series of stories the first of which was written in 2008. I have revised it and completed it and added some pictures. It will now be part of the...