Between my old site and the current, including URL versions with and without the "www" and allowing for some past sloppiness on my part when it came to trailing slashes, I was having to contend with over 6 different versions of my web site. Search engines were obviously having a hard time, I was getting confused and my configuration was a joke.

After days of trial and error, I think I finally have it all sorted out. The site might have been unavailable more often then it ought to, during that time, and I apologize. I was messing with 301 Redirects both at the server level and at my end in htaccess files.

Apache’s mod_rewrite module and its RewriteEngine directive are now doing the trick. Every single combination of URL’s from the old and the new web site should now point to a single destination, which for the record includes the "www" and a trailing slash when ending with a directory.

So there. You’re garanteed to see and you won’t even have noticed the switch if you typed anything else. Well, that’s not entirely true. Htaccess is rather low on the food chain of Apache’s processing of an HTTP request, so it’s not completely transparent. But almost.