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NYC Blizzard: Tuesday Update
December 28, 2010

The snow is fun for kids. So Estorbo and I, both qualifying as such, had a blast digging an igloo. Well, I dug and he watched, and then happily investigated in exchange for a few pellets. I must, however, downgrade my earlier appreciation for the city's recovery speed. More than thirty hours after the end of the storm, much remains to be done in terms of clearing the streets and reopening city-wide access.The subways have been packed all day, feeling the burden of an incredible number of New Yorkers unable to use their car...

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March of the Blizzards: First we Take London, Then we Take Manhattan
December 28, 2010

On the morning of Sunday December 26th, when I left Montreal on the Amtrak Adirondack train - a day early because a blizzard was forecast to strike New York at a critical time that evening - the weather was fair and despite some snow on the ground, Canadian winter was playing nice.That fairness lasted for nine out of the eleven hours of my trip. Finally, around 6:00 or 6:30 PM, well after darkness had fallen and I had given up watching for signs of the impending disaster, heavy snow began to fall and the wind picked up. Our...

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Coney Island in the Snow
January 25, 2016

Jonas, the whale of a storm that engulfed the Northeast this weekend, has sailed on to meet the Atlantic Ocean and worry some boats. According to the Weather Channel, New York City's Central Park recorded some 26.8 inches of snow, second only to the 2006 storm - and by only one tenth of an inch - in the last hundred and forty years. While the media was cashing in with a few reported deaths, whipping shoveling-induced and carbon-monoxide-related deaths into a saucy omelet, we went for a Sunday afternoon ride and...

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Winter Storm Jonas Tickles The 'Hood
January 23, 2016

I might have been running in shorts and a t-shirt on Christmas Eve but winter has finally arrived, nature slamming down its first winter storm on the Northeast like a hand slaps an ace at the table, ending the game. Jonas arrives with a pedigree, I guess, distinguished heir of a series of blizzards which for your convenience I have documented here. Marie is quite sick so we kept our afternoon walk short but we could not resist going out. NYC is blessed receiving this on a weekend and people were out,...

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And New York Paniqued
January 27, 2015

Well, as far as New York City is concerned, this was mostly media frenzy. I walked to work this morning, some nine kilometers on perfectly scraped sidewalks. The snow had stopped and apart from a few short gusts, an eerie lack of storm floated in the air. Streets were empty, clean, and a mere ten inches of snow covered Central Park in an all too light blanket of soft cleanliness. I shot a few JPEG images - could not process RAW - they are as-is. As I walked past Columbus Circle, and again at Times Square, news anchors...

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And New York Panics
January 26, 2015

Well, our new mayor having publicly added to the hysteria and almost wet his pants as he pretty much implied we were all going to die in the snow storm if we didn't run for cover, the NYC public transit agency, the mighty MTA, is shutting down all service at 11 pm tonight. If you are trying to go somewhere, you are out of luck. To quote de Blasio's press release, "... get off the roads, get off the streets, as – get off the sidewalks – as this emergency deepens." FYI, there are exactly two inches of snow on the...

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