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Cape Point Blank - Part 2
January 26, 2014

[This is part 2 of 2] They did come back in an African summer that was their winter. While New York shrank and shivered in a cold early December, they flew south again and landed smack in the middle of beauty. That second of many visits to Cape Point was a warmer outing and blue skies competed with turquoise seas. The wind, however, kept hauling. They drove along misty cliffs towards the park. Olifantboos having become a ritual destination, they tracked and backtracked. Then they got back on the road to town,...

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Cape Point Blank - Part 1
January 18, 2014

Strong of a picnic, four cameras, a SANParks family pass, some time to kill and much freedom to spend, they left the plush Constantia neighborhood under hesitant weather, steering away from Cape Town and towards the Cape of Good Hope. It was wintertime in South Africa and a rainy May had vetoed shorts and t-shirts in favor of jackets and layers. The valiant Landcruiser purred as it stretched its legs and leaped in search of infinite openness. It would not reach a dirt road nirvana on that EVA*, but Cape Point was in...

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Return to Cape Agulhas
January 16, 2015

For our most recent yearly trip to South Africa, I could only afford two weeks away from work. We decided to invest four days on a short road trip, a mini-adventure, to grieve, empty our minds and recharge mostly depleted batteries. The target was a minuscule place called De Mond Nature Reserve, on the eastern flank of Cape Agulhas, southernmost tip of the African continent. We had visited Agulhas three years earlier and if you are curious about the geographical and historical details of the cape, you should read that...

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Cape of Good Hope - The Postcards and a Happy New Year
December 31, 2012

As promised, here are more Cape Point pictures. After the critters, I've decided to combine flowers and landscape in one post since they are part of each other. Cape Point I guess it is appropriate that I am writing this on New Year's Eve and the word "hope" is in the title. The ability to hope has to be one of our greatest strengths. It focuses our mind and, far from being a passive, fatalist attitude, it channels our will into action and turns coincidences into fate. The hopes of explorers rounding the Cape when...

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Cape of Good Hope
December 28, 2012

Part of the Table Mountain National Park, Cape Point stretches south of Cape Town at the bottom of the Cape Peninsula that forms False Bay's west shore. It is downwardly crowned by the Cape of Good Hope which was created along with many universal landmarks during my youth's early reading years. The Cape might have long lost its title of southernmost tip of the continent to neighbor Cape Agulhas*, but literature, it seems, inspects geography through a romantic lens and hope is better than needles so it was the Cape of...

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