I was recently reading an article about emerging processors, those mini-brains at the heart (yes I intended the anatomically incorrect metaphor) of all computers including the device you are reading this on. My jaw was left hanging low by the following sentence:

This technology opens the door to continuing the development of Moore’s Law all the way down to the quantum limit — the point at which the quantum uncertainty around the position of an electron is larger than the transistor itself, causing processor elements to behave randomly.

Andre Infante/MakeUaeOf.com

However corrupt, unfair and polluted a world we live in, it is also filled with technological wonders, and the future is now. I do recommend you read the article if you are so inclined, quite interesting and linking to further fascinating stuff like Moore’s Law and quantum computing.

Otherwise in the news, the Brooklyn space is shaping up to absolute livability, and I will post garden glimpses as soon as I have reestablished a work space. As well, soon to come, a South African impressionism photo series centering around flowers. Or so we hope. Stay tuned!