The most unrelenting readers among you might have noticed design fluctuations in the top part of the blog over the last three days. I apologize for the inconvenience; I was upgrading the top menu and later conducting some heavy testing. Not having an option to test offline, I had to work live, and be visible about it.

I give you, tada… the Mac-looking Icon Menu! Yawn.

It’s all over now and as I sit at home resisting the urge to scratch, corticosteroids having been tapered off and poison ivy rash ‘d itch still in full swing, I give you, tada… the Mac-looking Icon Menu! Yawn.

No, really, it’s brand new. It’s based on a script by N.Design Studio – that’s the folks who put together the original version of the fantastic template you’re looking at right now and which I seriously modified, I mean improved. It also uses qTip for the floating tooltips and is powered by jQuery, a javascript library to which I will be switching over gradually because, well, it just rocks. Shadowbox, which powers all my slideshows and the "about" pages of the web site, happens to be so well designed that it works on all major libraries – Prototype until recently, and jQuery as of now.

I am happy to report that it all seems to function rather-well-to-perfectly on all latest versions of the major browsers, IE8 being – as always – on the trailing end of things. I’ve also done some maintenance and fixed a few things on the back-end, and straightened out the FAQ’s section, with more to be added soon.

If you don’t like it, you can always collapse it with the Toggle button. Comments and reconstructive criticism are always welcome. So is unbridled praise.