Along with warmer days, the desire-slash-need-slash-core-necessity to be underwater has returned. The mere thought that it has actually been a year since my last dive is nightmarishly shocking. I didn’t know I was able to live on dry land for so long.

So today I dropped by the cool store BC Dive and Kayak Adventures to inquire about rental rates and shore/boat diving possibilities.

I came back out rather depressed. Why did I leave my gear in Montreal? The bottom line is I can’t afford to dive, period. What a serious reality check for someone who has been diving for free for the last 17 years! 2500 or 3000 dives – I’ve completely lost count – without the need for a wallet. I guess I was blessed.

And I guess Deep Sea 3D is as close as I’ll get to a shark this year. Life is a beach and then you dive.