UPDATE: The beta version is now looking very good, the main slideshow links are working. Still issues with the mobile version of the site, working on it!

Needless to say, this blog has undergone a face-lift. Or rather, it went backstage, changed costumes, touched up its make-up and is now back out for a new act.

As I mentioned recently, I get bored easily with web design and need freshness to keep me interested. This applies to my own blog, too, and I hope you readers will be tolerant about this compulsive drive to reshape the premises on a regular basis.

So welcome to the new Coriolistic Anachronisms. Let me give you a brief tour. My goal here was to walk away from the conventional top-to-bottom, vertical, chronological and routine blog presentation. You know: you arrive at the top, know you’re viewing the most recent content, and scroll down for older stuff or comments. It gets old. Blogs were invented during he last decade and then this format made sense. It was easy, logical and quick. But nowadays, with AJAX, web 2.0 and other new technologies and concepts having surfaced and reshaped the web, static is no longer needed, and linear, no longer cool.

The entry page to the blog has thus become highly visual and full-screen. Text no longer dominates, as this is above and before all, a photography blog. So the most recent images welcome you and only a snippet of the accompanying text is presented. If you wish to browse recent entries in that full-screen mode, you may do so with the left and right arrows. At any point, feel free to jump in and read a full post via the Read More link. This full-screen option is only available for recent and future posts as I am using a different attachment technique for my images. I will be retrofitting older posts, but this is really meant as forward improvement.

I tried to design the entry page to offer the right balance of options vs content to all visitors.  The way I look at it, there can be three kinds of inbound traffic to this blog and you probably fit into one of the following categories (click on each tab to see the details):

First Time Visitors

You have never been here and this is my first chance to make a good first impression. Pictures are worth a thousand words. But there should be links to key content and enough navigation options to give one the option to explore.

Repeat Visitors

You’ve been here before and know your way around, or soon will. You probably only dropped by to see if anything new was added, so new stuff if any is what should greet you. Click on “Read More” to do so. If there is nothing new yet, try the random post.

Visitors referred by search engines

Whether you googled “HDR photography” or “African Flowers”, you arrived here looking for something specific and not necessarily wanting to spend time. My job is to convince you to stay. I hope the info you found was relevant and might tempt you to dig deeper. If you click on any individual post, you’ll get a listing of potentially related entries at the bottom.

Whichever category you belong to, I hope to have provided the tools and content to suit you. This is a work in progress and I will keep fine-tuning for weeks to come. Eventually, I would like to make all main content load in AJAX, without a need to fully re-load each page, but this has for now been pushed aside.

There will be bugs! Comments anticipated, feedback welcome!

Now, back to business. The images in this post are a follow up to my previous Paternoster posts.

Here are glimpses of our lunch at Oep ve Koep. I also threw in a few shots of the Food Barn in Cape Town while I was at it… Both fantastic restaurants, the former run by a South African with a taste for local foods and foraging, the latter by a Frenchman who stays true to his culture, serving steak tartare and pan bagna.

This is a local plant, foraged for the menu. Amazing texture and taste.
Best part of any meal
Oysters on a warm shoreline
Yes, we had reserved
Oep ve Keop hides in the courtyard to the left