Marie and I are not dog people, but… We do get caught “en flagrant délit d’humanité”* as the late Marcel Pagnol put it so well.

PG 13 (Photo Marie Viljoen)


Dogs are high maintenance.

No comments (Photos Marie Viljoen)


Sometimes, we dirty them.

Back from Mordor


Then we clean them up.

Wild at heart


Still. Cats rock. See here for living proof.

Multilevel housing


We like to dress cats up and freeze them for later.

Estorbo’s igloo


We like birds.

Feeding the people
Feeding the people


I socialize with underwater folks.

Playing with Ben the Grouper (Self protrait)
Friendly patrol (Self portrait)


She loves horses.

At the Nelson Wine Estate, home of my favorite Shiraz (Photo credit unknown)
Riding in the Maluti Mountains


We dig game.

So we hang out with penguins.

Daring visitor
Beach bums


We befriend thieves.



Baboons walking the line, we tolerate.

The gang


In the end, we are all the same. But some of us are more alike than others.

 * Caught in the act of being human, or humane.