The good thing about living right under the rooftops with a skylight view into the atmosphere is that we get ample opportunities to catch stunning, fleeting moments like this one. All we have to do is climb up through the trapdoor and setup camp on the roof.

From up there, the eye travels across the New York Harbor, over Lady Liberty and into New Jersey. The 3 major airports surrounding the city are orchestrating a never-ending ballet of aircrafts and it is rare that we can count less than 5 planes in the air somewhere, and often get up to 9 and 10.

The only seat that would offer a better view of such a sunset would be the left seat up on one of the flight decks. Oh, heck, let’s no be greedy. The right one wouldn’t be bad either.

"Speedbird 64, you are 3 miles from the localizer. Turn right 280. Cleared ILS runway 31L. Maintain 3000 until established."