2:00 pm, Lynn Canyon Park, North Vancouver

The river is singing its perpetual water song, the sun shinning in a postcard-perfect blue sky and the emerald green 30 ft. Pool is as inviting as ever.

People were loud crossing the suspension bridge and wandering down the path to the river but once they reach the pool, their voices drop to the respectful tone one uses inside a church. Arriving here is a moment you remember forever.

Even knowing how green the water will be, how warm the sun will feel on the rocks and how sweet the sound of nearby waterfalls will be to my ears, I always feel in pinch in the heart. The camera struggles attempting to render the beauty and peace that reign around me, especially on a sunny day when the light is strong and contrasts high.

Nowhere more than here do the words “Wish you were here” seem so appropriate. Who “you” is doesn’t matter, really. Everybody I know, everybody I love, anybody who could use a dose of pure undiluted beauty.

As NewYorkAngel was writing recently, “Savoir se délecter du rayon de soleil qui réchauffe, qui frôle la peau et qui fait du bien. Savoir se laisser submerger par la joie.