Speaking of birds, I thought I’d post this now to mitigate the alloveredness of this blog. We now have left the fragrant Massachusetts shores of Rockport and are back in good ol’ Brooklyn.

Lunch time

The place is called Green-Wood Cemetery. It’s located a few subway stations south of us, in the middle of an ocean of suburbia non-descriptiveness. The cemetery itself is beautiful and Marie has posted extensively about it – quiet, silent, peaceful and isolated from the outside world. But it has one characteristic that is very much alive and shrieking: a huge flock of expatriate parrots.

Yes, you read this right. Cute. Loud. Green. Parrots.

Monk Parakeet

No one knows for sure what they are doing here. They’re called Monk Parakeet, or Quaker Parrot. They are not indigenous. One of many theory traces their arrival back to the 60’s when they would accidentally have been released from a shipment at the JFK airport.

Either way, they are cute, they are loud, and they nest, among other places, in the gargoyle-ornated towers of the cemetery’s main gate. They remind me of the rare Cayman Parrots that I saw a few times in the Brac and Little Cayman.