After enduring years of disappointment by the team who started SlideShowPro, abandoned it, then began working on Koken only to sell it once they were bored with it too, I was on edge. Then recently having to seek technical help from the folks at NetObjects who acquired it, I was asked for my FTP credentials as only form of support and after hesitating, I reluctantly agreed. The support team then proceeded to wipe my .htaccess* file without making a backup. When confronted, they said something like “Yeah, oops, sorry, we should have made a back-up”. It was the proverbial drop.

I’ve finally pulled the plug. All the galleries have been transferred from Koken to a WordPress install of their own. They are here. Different looks, same content. Work in progress. Ainsi soit-il.

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 6.27.17 AM

* Geek talk – For those who don’t have a clue, this is a critical root-level file providing instructions to the host’s Apache server. It is read long before the website even begins to render in a visitor’s browser and with URL rewriting capability among other powers, it – or its absence – can simply kill a website, especially when complex scripts such as Koken or WordPress are involved and located in sub-directories. Yes, I, too, should have had a back-up. I normally do.