5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1 – Ignition!

Well, so to speak. The fireworks are inner ones. There’s really nothing to brag about but I hope you’ll enjoy the new look and streamlined interface. I certainly have learned a great deal and for that reason alone, it was worth it!

Please post any comments, typos, feedback, bug reports (are you still seeing the blog in blue, Gitte?), constructive criticism and blown away exclamation marks either in here or even better, in the guestbook accessible directly from the main gallery. I’ll be very curious to hear about loading speed, functionality, interface, etc.

There remain kinks to be ironed, of course and bits and pieces to be glued together. But you shouldn’t notice them too much.

Known issues:

  • There is a major glitch with gallery centering in Opera, which I just discovered. If you are using Opera, have patience, or consider Firefox or Chrome… ;-)
  • At this stage, all prior dates of guestbook comments are stamped 1969. Why then? Why not.
  • Most photo captions haven’t been written, nor the final sequence of photo albums decided; however neither should matter much because the captions are only turned on manually and definitively aren’t necessary, and since albums play at random by default, again the sequence isn’t quintessential.
  • I am still deciding what to do with the full screen mode; improvements may follow.
  • Too many pictures remain in the galleries, and some are not yet scaled to fit the screen. I should be removing at least 30% of what’s currently online and will be adjusting sizes when time allows.

And now, I’m going to…. bed! :-)

P.S. Oh yes, how do you get there? With the link above or here. And don’t forget to update your bookmarks!


  • Blue text and background issues in Safari fixed, thanks to Gitte. CSS was the culprit, I hadn’t linked to a couple of files. I’ll have to centralize all that CSS.
  • Centering fixed in Opera, and while I was at it, I reverted to a much more simple CSS centring code; God only knows how I’d ended up using negative margins when I just had to use 2 margin:auto‘s and 100% width… Again, CSS issue.