This time it was the Pitt River Bridge which crosses the river between Pitt Meadows and Port Coquitlam. Remote and hard to reach, the bridge is part of Highway 7 and even though it does feature a pedestrian lane on its north side, getting to it from the main bus  route means either walking on the narrow roadside into incoming trafic for over a km or walking through a vast landfill. I chose the first to get there and the second on my way back which turned out to be a great idea; the landfill was blanketed by a heavy snow cover that made for a beautiful landscape and a very pleasant walk.

Once on location, it was just a matter of spending the usual hour and a half waiting and not moving around much, watching the light change slowly and taking shots every few minutes to be sure to capture THE moment. Last night was not the best sunset ever but it had very subdued tints that seemed to match the softness of the scenery. The Golden Ears, in the background, managed to light up in pink at the last minute and then the world shifted to gray.