Saturday morning, 1:30 am. 

I wish I had a big black cat here to distract me from the computer and beg for pellets. Or its owner, to distract me from the computer and beg. ;-) But writing this post should do the trick and put me to sleep. The redesign is about complete and I should be going live tomorrow, hence today.

I’ve finished transferring files from one domain to the other, and thank god there will be less crap on the new site. The old one had become like a dark basement in which no one dares enter. I’ve gotten rid of my Viper Guestbook after reading that the project had been abandoned due to major security issues, and have installed a new, lighter script; adapting the database was a bit tricky and my old dates still aren’t sorted out but I’m working on it. The blog now resides at the new domain and if you are reading this, you have been redirected silently (look at the URL.) Time to update your bookmarks. All the photo galleries are online and duly managed via the SlideShowPro Director CMS. They still need tweaking and the most time-consuming task of writing captions has yet to be tackled.

But all and all, I’m just about there. I’ll finish adjusting everything once the site is up and running. There will be a lot of SEO left, and some cleaning up, and 301’s, and Google Analytics and Sitemaps, and Woopra. And then there will be time to think about a desert…