Eyes dreamy, heart loosened and memory sticks packed full of demanding pixels, I just flew back from South Africa, leaving behind a torn Marie who gets to enjoy a few more weeks of sheer Cape beauty, incomplete as it may when we are apart.

With another 3,000-kilometer road trip under her belts, the valiant Mogashagasha Landcruiser took us east and north to three different SANParks. There will be many pictures and a few stories to come, when the sea of time finally settles down and daily troughs and crests give way to a glassy routine.

Marie has already begun writing about it:

I no longer take the ability to remember anything for granted. But while we have them, these memories will be sustenance. Ballast for bad times where the noise from upstairs makes Brooklyn nights impossible to sleep through. Antidotes for days when barking dogs and blaring horns and entitled white folk (at least where we live) believe their world is the only one.

Marie Viljoen – 66 Square Feet


Return flight number one; funnily, this in-flight map shows most of our road trip to the vicinity of Kimberley.
Return flight number three, Paris-New York on Air France’s behemoth of the sky


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