The 2010 South Africa road trip is over. We’d left Constantia two weeks ago, bound for Lesotho. 4300 km, 2 hairy mountain passes, 4 National Parks, 4 border crossings and many breathtaking places later, we are back. The pictures will be sorted out, the stories will unfold. It takes time.

If our last trip to Namibia had been dominated by the color red, this one, to our surprise, was incredibly green. The area we visited had received unusual amounts of rain. The scenery reminded me of Zion and Arches at times, and at others evoked Scotland or Hawaii.

In the meantime, with the Argus on March 14th, I am going to have to train hard. I went for a first – and I mean literally first in 3 years – bike ride this morning, 70 km in total towards Cape Point. It stung. Biking definitely uses different muscles than running does. The Argus is going to hurt. Alleluia.

So stay tuned for road pictures, for stories of starry skies and foggy high plateaus, for zebras and antelopes, for the lushest of mountains behind walls of rain, for sunshine and sunsets and sunflowers, and for the goofy tales of two traveling addicts and a Landcruiser.