While on our De Mond EVA, the friendly ranger who checked us in showed us a mother spotted eagle owl, in good old SANParks fashion. Later we found the two chicks. And finally, on the last day, the dad flew right above our heads to a tree near the Landcruiser. Two pairs – everybody wins.

Not so nonchalent gaze

Near the cottage, sugarbirds and sunbirds shared a huge set of aloe, though it took us a while to leave the orbit of our cottage and find them. Then out on the road, there were birds of prey sitting on field fences at somehow regular intervals, each ruling over its little dry world of hay and dust.

Very much bird country. How lovely. I like all things that manage to leave the ground and its petty misery, to soar above it all carelessly, aloft.

Freedom, it seems, is much easier claimed from up high.