Here we go, darkness falls, lights are dimmed and the mood swings. Blackout is live. Be patient, it might take a few reloads before your browser actually renders it, these things get cached rather heavily. Emptying the cache might help.

This much darker skin will now become the blog’s default. Mostly, this is an effort at keeping things consistent between the main web site whose galleries act as my portfolio, and the blog. Someone traveling from there to here will now have a more seamless experience, as used to be the case. I also happen to think that a photo gallery really comes to life on darker backgrounds.

But I am also aware that many of you never really go to the portfolio and couldn’t care less about a darker room to read in. You might like a brightly lit space better and your eyes won’t strain as much on a white background when reading my (sometimes too) long stories.

So everyone should now be content. While the Blackout skin will load as default, the option remains to switch to Whiteout via the right sidebar widget. As a quick reminder, this selection partially reloads the page with new CSS elements but a full reload or refresh with your browser button still is necessary. In some cases, you might have to flush the browser’s cache. But once this has been done, the browser should remember your choice and bring your favorite colors back when you re-visit.

In the meantime, enjoy the blog and come back soon! 

UPDATE: Google Chrome, for example, refuses to reload to the new skin by simply clearing the cache. That’s because my blog places a cookie on your computer telling it which skin you are using. Problem is, if you tell Chrome to erase cookies, you erase them all, and will have to type all your passwords in again once. So unless that’s no issue, just wait for a while and eventually the new skin will appear. Let me know of any issues!