Well since these are geeky days, I’m temporarily experimenting with streaming music directly on the blog. You will have noticed the simple controls at the top just below the main menu. I’ve set the music to begin playing automatically for now, to attract attention to it and cause your feedback, but it probably will become an option, no more. You can stop the music or skip tracks with the controls on the left, and change the volume by dragging the scale on the right. Limited music selection for now. The XSPF player is a great Flash-based application created by Fabricio Zuardi; I simply adapted the colors a little. Comments welcome; does it work well, or slow down page load, or bug you to death?

Update: 6:30 am the following day. Ok, it was already bugging me, so I killed the autostart. If you’d like nice music to have a nice time while you read this nice blog, just click the nice play button. ;-)