It would seem that Google found malware somewhere on this site and has now flagged it in its search results as potentially distributing malware.

I am currently struggling to find out the source or cause for this and apologize for the inconvenience. It would seem that I either have been the victim of a hacking attack or have used a bad script (I am now busy replacing all scripts with fresh up-to-date copies.) It could be a bad comment somewhere on the blog but then I’m not sure why the entire site would be flagged rather than that specific entry. It could also probably have something to do with my server or provider. The problem is reported by Google as "Adware", which isn’t so bad but very annoying. They are very quick at black-listing you but not very efficient at providing you with clear reasons or a cause. Bloody algorithms.

I’ll keep everyone (and here I am aware that I am probably talking to myself since most visitors must run away with their tail between their legs when they see the Google warning. Can’t blame them/you.) posted on the progress.

Sorry again.

From South Africa,