It’s here again. I can feel its warm breath on my face, like a dragon’s caress; it comes and it goes but never fades for too long. It’s the colorful wind of change, it has returned. I was expecting it patiently, facing East where the bright star appears at last, so that I could catch the first glimpse of a whisper. And now I know it’s upon me, and I am bracing myself, and I will let go when it hits me, willingly and with such relief. This place that has seen me grow will become a memory among others, but it will remain forever the source of the fire that consumes me, it will turn to coals and glow in the dark, and I will rise in a new dawn. New footsteps will mark a path, and what seems blurry now will come into view, and it’s when the mountains ahead seem impassable that I’ll most remember having eagerly traveled towards them. And the only thing more extraordinary than what has happened is what now will. This is our time.