Midnight, ultimate frontier between now and then, between what was and what could be, is standing in precarious balance at the top of the dial, an instant frozen in the eternity of time, as giant bells are tolling in the distance, counting seconds which could last most of that eternity, and the bells sound like my heart, and their rhythms join, while the bridge is burning behind me, orange glow casting my shadow across unknown lands, a new road lays ahead, mysterious and uncharted, the warm wind of change blows from the fire and picks me up, I feel weightless and light-headed, an ocean forms – or has it always been there, at times dead calm and crystal clear, others brutally violent but it’s all the same, my guardian angel watches over, the devil in a black dress walks away, and to the East a giant wave appears, rushing towards me as I pick up speed, its crest foamed up and white, immense, is it my wave, has it been looking for me, traveling across an entire ocean, will I be able to catch it and ride along, as one, or will it crash over me, destroying me and leaving me adrift with all bones crushed, but then I could fly before it’s too late, before midnight has gone, before the dice are thrown and fate revealed, but I don’t want to, magic prevails, there is nowhere I’d rather go, no time I’d rather be here then now, because the wave and the wind and the fire and the bells and time itself are on my side, because a million different twists and hooks have lead me to this point, I have been craving it always, and this could be our time