Given that I’m quite busy these days working on parallel projects – like backing up and sorting my entire photography database (over 40 GB) and revamping all the photo galleries on the main site to use the latest Lightbox script – I don’t run around taking pictures as often as I’d like.

I did miss a gorgeous sunset up at Grouse recently, too busy talking and enjoying a Hefeweisen, and also went for a swim in Lynn Creek below Twin Falls (Lynn Canyon) which, at 6 pm, was chilly to say the least. But no pictures. Bah, I’ll be playing with old shots for a while and should come upon little treasures worth redeveloping and posting here. Stay tuned!

2009 Update: This was a long time ago. I’ve since then switched to Shadowbox and Flash.

2014 Update: That was a very long time ago. I have since then kicked Flash out the door, use Lightbox Evolution for slideshows, and might change to a new lightbox script as it appears Evolution is no longer developed…