My dream house will be such.

I think Marie agrees. Whitewashed, bright, in and out. Soft corners but complex lines. Multilevel. Rustic yet comfortable. Thick walls. Flowers outside, and inside too. Old place, multiple generations having lived there. A long history, many stories to whisper to us when we rest, through the whining of the wind under a door, a floor creaking, the ringing of a bell, the clear drip of a tap, songs of the birds nesting under our roof* and a million other echoes that surface when the house is silent. Oh yes, most importantly: it will be quiet. No BQE hum.

Come and meet us there some day, wherever that might be. For now, I give you glimpses of Paternoster Cape Dutch architecture through various wealth levels and mixed purposes. Still. It makes for a stunning little village.

* This was an omission example of the infamous US-adopted Oxford – or serial – coma. Just because. United we stand.

View from the roof of the Oystercatcher’s Haven
Stairs up to neighboring house
Cape Dutch whites
Oystercatcher’s haven, the annex
One of many B&B slash rentals
Thatch roof
The Oystercatcher, our room was upper right
Anonymous number 3 (I Photoshopped the ID out)
Paternoster public library
Going monochrome, some whites are secretive
The other side of Cape Dutch – no corners, no bleach, little hope