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Pictures worth a thousand images. The bulk of this blog, obviously. The best of these are featured on the main web site.

Return to Cape Agulhas
January 16, 2015
Hydrosphere, Photoblogs, South Africa
For our most recent yearly trip to South Africa, I could only afford two weeks away from work. We decided to invest four days on a short road trip, a mini-adventure, to grieve,...
New York City Marathon 2014 - They Ran
November 5, 2014
New York, Photoblogs, Running
After commenting rather cynically in my last post about the reasons that make some people run, I thought it would only be fair to document the "other side". So last Sunday I stood...
We Run
October 31, 2014
New York, Photoblogs, Running
Some run to win, others not to lose. Some run to look, others to be seen. I've seen many run because of looks. They are trying to be winners. I just run, I reckon....
Fall Was Straggling, Summer Had Gone
October 18, 2014
New York, Photoblogs, Stories
The Zipcar is dirty. Again. Its seats are stained and you sit down uneasily. The windshield reluctantly shows you the world through a slightly foggy film embedded with...
Hummingbird, the Sequel
September 30, 2014
Fauna, New York, Photoblogs
Marie saw two of them in territorial fights on Saturday, I found one on Sunday, and by the time we were picnicking in the garden on Monday after work, on a strangely dull and...
Running Around Harlem
September 21, 2014
New York, Photoblogs, Running
I recently went for a Sunday run around the northern tip of Manhattan. Summer was coming to an end and people were out and about, determined to suck every last bit of marrow out...