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Browser Wars
September 21, 2010
Bits and pieces, Reviews, Ticks and tricks
Update: Well it would seem I was wrong. Internet Explorer 9 now supports at least some CSS3 standards!  I just realized that it correctly renders both the...
Canon 7D Review
September 15, 2010
Photography, Reviews, Ticks and tricks
After owning the beast for a couple of months, here's my initial Canon 7D review. The Canon EOS 7D was launched last year in the wake of a fury of new cameras by Canon and other...
Introducing the new Canon 7D
June 9, 2010
Photography, Reviews, Videography
After Abe and Abetoo, my first two Digital Rebel DSLR's, I am pleased to announce the arrival of Abegone, Canon 7D, fierce beauty and strong contender in the field of cropped...