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Amazing macro work
August 26, 2008
In this very dark hour, I have chosen not to dwell on the difficulty of the moment - because in the end I am still the luckiest guy on Earth - but rather to concentrate on...
Better World Books - The plug
August 6, 2008
Once in a while I run into something I really like, a service, a product, a piece of software, a recipe, a movie, something. And then I plug it. Not for the rewards, not for the...
Taking Woopra out for a spin
July 26, 2008
Bits and pieces, Reviews
Draw a salad bowl in your head. Throw in, at random, pieces of Google Analytics, Stacounter, ClustrMaps, Geoloc and Skype. Add dressing. Mix well. You've got Woopra. New kid on...
Flan pâtissier - Update
July 6, 2008
ICMU, Reviews
Bon, 'faut pas craquer, je m'applique. Having not yet achieved the results I was hoping for, which would be nothing short of "divine perfection", I am still regularly...