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Top 50 Most Recent Photographs
June 3, 2011
Photography, Web site news
Once in a while, I gather the best images to appear on this blog and add them to the main photo galleries over at Vincent Mounier Photography. For your convenience, here is a...
All-too-Forgotten Top of Manhattan
April 23, 2011
New York, Panoramas, Photoblogs
It's so easy to think of Manhattan as the typical, postcard-favorite urban urchin we all know, to picture the many southern bridges, the proximity of Lady Liberty, the old...
Beautiful Gardens
April 19, 2011
New York, Panoramas
As always, click on the bottom menu's extreme right "Full Screen" icon and then click and drag to navigate within the image in all directions or use the mouse wheel to zoom in and...
Out on a Stormy Night
April 19, 2011
Panoramas, Photoblogs
We left home in a subdued, late-afternoon sunshine, picnic in tow and appetite cranked up, hoping for a mellow setting and a dry patch of grass. By the time we reached the...