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Chronicles of the Extraordinary. The tale of a never-ending journey, for two.

Missing books
April 20, 2008
Always, Schtroumpfissime
For Marie, in honor of the many amazing books that have contributed to shaping us into who we are, and in memory of our childhood, of which, undoubtedly, the best part is...
Disorganized nostalgia
April 18, 2008
Always, On the road, Photoblogs
Here are, in no particular order, pictures of a recent past that have been sitting in a folder waiting to be published. They show how disconnected I am right now. They're not...
Once upon a time at al di là
April 13, 2008
Always, On the road, Reviews
It sounds like a movie title. It isn't. It was a real Monday night, end of a trip and dawn of a week, as so many things in life morph from one into another... We walked east...
La madrugada
April 4, 2008
Always, Schtroumpfissime, South Africa
Up at 5:00 am this morning, I looked back lovingly at my awful Grand-Canyon-like bed and sighed. It would be 40 hours until I saw a bed again. I then proceeded towards the...
Breakfast on the terrace
March 30, 2008
Always, On the road, Photoblogs, South Africa
It was about tradition. Reinvented in Brooklyn some time ago as East met West, this timeless French classic still makes for the absolute best opening to any day. Café au lait et...
South Africa, a Beach
March 23, 2008
Always, On the road, Photoblogs, South Africa
It was summertime by 33 degrees south latitude and 18 degrees east longitude, but on that day, a howling wind from the southeast sprayed the coastline with a winter coating. Sand...