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Chronicles of the Extraordinary. The tale of a never-ending journey, for two.

The drums
September 20, 2007
Always, Schtroumpfissime
No words. My keyboard has turned into a strange kaleidoscope of symbols that refuse to congregate into the familiar pattern of sentences. There has been this noise, a faint...
Fences I have known too
September 16, 2007
Always, Photoblogs, Vancouver
Some fences are made of old planks, others are dashed with barbed wire. Yet another kind, the one I'm most familiar with, has none of those restrictive elements. No nails, no...
September 7, 2007
It took a friendly comment on this blog, not so anonymously left behind with a silent question mark, to make me realize what was otherwise so obvious it could have poked me in the...
Slightly before coffee
September 7, 2007
Always, Bits and pieces, Schtroumpfissime
The world stretches infinitely, like a long strand of toffee being pulled from both ends, unwilling to break but getting thinner and thinner, losing its color to a dull white....
September 7, 2007
Always, Schtroumpfissime
There’s no way around it, I am a big Pixar fan. So a few nights ago I finally went to see Ratatouille. Tinseltown was rather desert on that rainy Monday night, but the mall...