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South African Flashes
July 19, 2014
Always, Photoblogs, South Africa
With Marie spending some well deserved time down in Cape Town's peculiar winter, I am once again faced with a now familiar divergence of time and space. The short stories she...
Pilgrimage to Knysna
May 18, 2014
Always, Photoblogs, South Africa
In February of 2008, on my first visit to South Africa, Marie and I took off from Cape Town for a short road trip along the Garden Route and into the Little Karoo. Our wedding...
Globetrotting in Harlem
October 13, 2013
Always, New York
UPDATE: Funny how the most important factors manage to avoid detection. As Marie just pointed it out, referenced by my "Related Post" listing at the bottom of each entry and...
Invisible light - Part 2
July 27, 2013
Always, Photoblogs, Vancouver
2013 note: This entry was originally published exactly six years ago - July 27, 2007. This is an anniversary reprint. On that date, lightning struck and the greatest wheels were...
Five Wild Years
January 24, 2013
Always, Vancouver
A little over five years ago, I happened to be up there, one of the loveliest places I know, with the loveliest person I know. She said yes. Need I say any more? The...