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The state of things
May 21, 2009
Cool, Web site news, Web winks
It had been a while since I last visited the very cool world of Wordle and I was thrilled to find an option that I did not remember from before: the applet now analyzes not only...
Home page revamped
May 12, 2009
Web site news
Well, if one didn't get the message before, visiting the home page now will definitely convince even the most stubborn mind that this place is about photography. I've overlaid...
Polishing the template
April 26, 2009
Web site news
While the option for the visitor (you!) to change this blog's skin remains, said visitor (still you) might have noticed that I've pushed the drop-down box that allows this all the...
Skribit, or involving the reader
April 17, 2009
Bits and pieces, Web site news
By now you have probably noticed the new "Suggestion?" tab up on the left edge of the blog. It's the unobtrusive appendix of Skribit, a 2 year old web initiative that...