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It’s such a wild, wild web. Taming it might not be possible, but I’ll report on it.

Web winks
April 23, 2009
Web winks
Introducing a new entry category (ya' know, those categories we assign to each post, usually listed at the bottom of an entry and which mostly make us look like we are organized...
Amazed by Google, heart in a vise
November 30, 2008
Web winks
Incredible things are happening with technology as we speak. The internet is growing exponentially. I find it almost impossible to stay up to date. And sure enough, once in a...
TED: fun videos for the week-end
October 23, 2008
Web winks
I don't know about you but I will be having a blast this week-end. Should your own outlook be bleak, you can watch the following very interesting videos from TED: Arthur Benjamin:...