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This one is all about the old days.

Never forgotten
December 26, 2007
Club Med, On the road, Quotes, Stories
"… When the bus drops us off at the rendez-vous point, a long hot day is getting old and Club Med 2’s silhouette thrones on a grandiose horizon background of oranges and reds....
The run about
August 16, 2007
Always, ICMU, Stories
For Marie My latent adrenaline level has been shooting through the roof lately, somewhere around 7.5 on the Richter scale which is already quite a shock for the system as a short...
Club Med 2 forever
May 30, 2006
Club Med, On the road, Stories
The year was 1993. I had been working with Club Med for about a year when I finally got the assignment I'd been waiting for: a six month season on board Club Med 1 in the...
Interview with Ben the Grouper
May 6, 2006
Cayman Islands, Hydrosphere, ICMU, Stories
It's happening again. I'm daydreaming of diving. So to soothe my pain, I go back to the roots and visit old friendly places. Paradise Divers on Little Cayman is one of those....
The Shadow of the Going
February 24, 2005
Hydrosphere, Quotes, Stories
It was the 3rd of September, 1994. I was standing on a dock in Guam. In the darkness of a cool dawn, a suitcase at my feet, I was watching the largest sailing vessel in the world,...