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Blue Sparks
April 22, 2023
Birds, New York
Visiting Jones Beach today for a sandy weekend run despite the high tide, I saw the usual shore birds including oyster catchers, but it was a flock of tree swallows that won my...
A Matter of Scale
September 11, 2022
Birds, Fauna, Hydrosphere, New York
On an outing to Montauk yesterday I was treated with whales, spinner dolphins in the distance and a few seals poking their head through the rolling surf, which had attracted many...
Mighty Wings
July 5, 2022
The Maine eagle gathering in the first pictures below is a seasonal occurrence. The birds of prey gather to feast on alewives in a small tidal estuary where the fish are corralled...
New York City in Spring
June 7, 2022
Birds, New York, Photoblogs
This is a benign post about those tiny details which, should one choose to accept them, can chisel an alternative reality into our lives as megapolis dwellers. Over nine million...