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Hunting for a glimpse of genius in the words of others. No better time to remember that words are ideas, and ideas are things.

May 11, 2008
Club Med, On the road, Quotes, Stories
When the bus driver jabbers that he will have to stop at the Police Control, I immediately smell trouble. No stops have been planned and he should know that we have all the...
May 5, 2008
On the road, Quotes
"The ship's tender drops me off on an lonely pier to which are tied up a few rusty fishing boats, almost all leaning to one side as if to show their long seafaring...
Good old geeky IRC
January 13, 2008
Bits and pieces, ICMU, Quotes
You had to be there. It was a long time ago. Long before AIM, and Gmail chat, and MSN Messenger, and Skype, and ICQ, and Trillian and the like, the ancestor of online chatting...
Never forgotten
December 26, 2007
Club Med, On the road, Quotes, Stories
"… When the bus drops us off at the rendez-vous point, a long hot day is getting old and Club Med 2’s silhouette thrones on a grandiose horizon background of oranges and reds....
There and then
December 3, 2007
"... Mother Nature is granting us an exceptional sunset through convoluted clouds in the summer sky. There is a sense of peace lingering in the air tonight that both lifts...
Cheering up
October 8, 2007
Always, Quotes
Hmm, what a dark post the previous was. To lighten up the tone, here are a beautiful couple of lines from another author, whom I'm publishing without her permission, which she...