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Hunting for a glimpse of genius in the words of others. No better time to remember that words are ideas, and ideas are things.

Bons souvenirs ~
April 16, 2006
ICMU, Quotes
"On vous demande de répondre par oui ou par non, alors ça dépend, ça dépasse!""C'est parce qu'allumette, ça prend deux L, comme les avions."[Le Père Noël est une...
Spring Is Also At Night
April 10, 2006
Photoblogs, Quotes, Vancouver
You can stand all night At a red light anywhere in town Hailing maries left and right But none of them slow down" Something Fast - The Sisters of...
Burrard Station in bloom
April 1, 2006
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Throughout the lengthy cherry blossoms season, I’ve roamed around the Greater Vancouver seeking the best blooming areas and the most flower covered trees. I explored Kitsilano...
Away from the Ocean indeed
March 25, 2006
Cool, Quotes
A new star is born :-)"If there are drawbacks to blogging, I’ll discover them as I go. My grand-mother published poetry. My mother wrote a book. My brother wrote a book....
Histoire inachevée
March 4, 2006
Bajo la penumbra de un farolSe dormiránTodas las cosas que quedaron por decir,Se dormirán.Junto a las manillas de un relojEsperaránTodas las horas que quedaron por...