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Category: On the road

Travel updates and news. These will either be blogged from the road or at a later time when the photos have been processed.

Back on the Adirondack Train
December 24, 2010
Adirondacks, On the road, Photoblogs
The Adirondack train has done its magic once more and taken me from New York's Penn Station to Montreal in some eleven hours and exactly sixty-two dollars. Can't beat that deal....
Rockport, second wave
August 29, 2010
On the road, Photoblogs
These images didn't make the cut but I am posting them now for documentary purposes, in a more down-to-earth look at Rockport and the Cape Ann area. Truly lovely, still....
Monochromatic seaside
August 24, 2010
On the road, Photoblogs, Photography
As a photographer, I am a child of the 21st century. I love color. I crave it. I couldn't be or do without it. So I tend to underexpose a touch and to slightly boost saturation,...
Once Upon a Time, Rockport
August 23, 2010
On the road, Photoblogs
In October of 1991, the quaint little town of Gloucester, MA, was put on the map at the epicenter of a highly mediatized maritime drama when one of the strongest extratropical...
Cape Ann birds
August 23, 2010
Fauna, On the road, Photoblogs
A short interlude while I'm working on a more picturesque rendition of Rockport... These tree swallows (ID?) were swirling in a dense flock around the Good Harbour Beach, which...