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Category: On the road

Travel updates and news. These will either be blogged from the road or at a later time when the photos have been processed.

Planet New York
April 15, 2009
On the road, Photography
Indeed, she is a planet of her own. The Big Apple was our playground for Easter. We roamed around Central Park and the foot of the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges....
Sweat and Chains Above Cape Town
April 6, 2009
On the road, Photoblogs, South Africa
There is no way to find a more urban hike than the path up Lion's Head. Surrounded by the city and the sea, the little peak seems to have been squeezed upwards by a mighty hand,...
Roasted in the Namib, Part 9 - Epilogue
March 25, 2009
Namib Trip, On the road, Photoblogs
That day, again, it was a short drive inland to the Kersefontein farm, where we had booked a night. The farm came highly recommended and had been upgraded into a hospitality...