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Category: On the road

Travel updates and news. These will either be blogged from the road or at a later time when the photos have been processed.

Bridging The Gap
December 17, 2007
Always, On the road
Well, not even a week after I left New York, Marie is on a plane too. It's her turn to fly, she's bridging the gap between North America and her South African roots. The week in...
Si New York m’était contée
September 28, 2007
Always, On the road, Photoblogs
New York City is gigantic, beautiful, ugly, mad and magical all at the same time. Constituting what could very well be the center of the known universe, the city is one of epic...
Cascades Revisited
July 23, 2007
HDR, On the road, Photoblogs
They’re big, they’re high, they’re sharp and they reign over the local landscape like as many kings on their respective kingdoms. They are the volcanoes of the Cascades...
365 days
November 29, 2006
On the road, Vancouver
A year ago exactly, I arrived in Vancouver. I had minimal luggage, big hopes, bigger dreams and even bigger worries. Turns out some of the worries were justified, others weren't....