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Category: On the road

Travel updates and news. These will either be blogged from the road or at a later time when the photos have been processed.

A quick reminder
September 11, 2006
On the road, Photoblogs
Pour ma très chère soeur, as a reminder that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, in other words everywhere... :-)...
A killer Time - Part 2
September 9, 2006
On the road, Photoblogs, Vancouver
The last post about the trip to Victoria with Prince of Whales was full of whales but there was a lot more to that day than just marine mammals. The ride through the Gulf...
From Sea to Sky and in Between
August 19, 2006
On the road, Photoblogs, Vancouver
Leaving Vancouver behind and heading north along Howe Sound, one passes by Squamish at the northern end of the sound and then arrives in Whistler, last stop on the road to...
Shrinking Wings
August 16, 2006
Airborne, On the road
Le site d’Inspiration Point - Inspo pour les initiés - est situé près de Orem, à quelques 60 km au sud de Salt Lake City. Le décollage s'effectue d'une épaule rocheuse à...
In the Lions Den
June 22, 2006
On the road, Photoblogs, Vancouver
When I got up at 6:00 am, I rushed out of the house to look north at the mountains. The sky was blue above me but a layer of low clouds topped the entire Coast Mountains and the...
Club Med 2 forever
May 30, 2006
Club Med, On the road, Stories
The year was 1993. I had been working with Club Med for about a year when I finally got the assignment I'd been waiting for: a six month season on board Club Med 1 in the...