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Thinking out loud, and writing it down. The opinions expressed in here are mine only and might offend or thrill you.

I stand corrected
December 20, 2006
Well donc, j’ai reçu une réplique fort pertinente et judicieuse à mon post intitulé "Farewell to the Year", lequel, semble-t-il, aura paru à certains un rien...
Farewell to the year
December 12, 2006
Another year has gone by. Another year of global fear and meltdown, another chapter full of international typos and fighting between the lines. Another long page written in...
Words are just that
December 7, 2006
Knowledge is like a sharp pain between the eyes. It throbs and hurts and makes us wince.Awareness is a curse that will leave us naked in the worst of blizzards, shivering and...
Of patterns
December 4, 2006
There was this very little dog that played with a basketball as big as he was in a large snowfield. He would push the ball around with his forehead at a tremendous speed,...
November 18, 2006
I left early this morning, after literally falling out of bed. The dream I had been having before the fall was about skydiving and I left home with a big bruise on my forehead,...
Remember? Are you kidding me?
November 11, 2006
Today, as I walk through an immense field of red poppies gently dancing in a breeze of ignorance, I look at all those people and wonder what's going through their heads. They...