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Thinking out loud, and writing it down. The opinions expressed in here are mine only and might offend or thrill you.

Aerodynamics and life - Part 2
February 1, 2006
Airborne, Schtroumpfissime
[Still rambling...] Stalling was relatively straightforward. Things were even, ample warning was given and our senses weren’t really that bothered. In comes the spin....
Of Aerodynamics and Life
January 19, 2006
Airborne, Schtroumpfissime
Leonardo Da Vinci wrote "Once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return." Recently...
Mission accomplie
September 1, 2005
Voilà, la deuxième édition des Aventures d'un GO désorganisé est achevée! Quelques erreurs de typo corrigées, une légère remise en page, ajout de deux cartes des...
The West Coast Gallery Is Online!
July 28, 2005
I'm still debugging here and there after having decided to implement the use of cookies to compensate for HTML's inability (or would it be mine?) to pass along variables from...
Missing the Sea
June 26, 2005
Hydrosphere, Schtroumpfissime
I sleep poorly at night, bothered by the mortuary stillness of my bed and unable to repress the memory of gently rocking seas. When my eyes linger on the horizon, there’s always...