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Failing CSS hacks in IE7
February 7, 2007
Bits and pieces
The much awaited Internet Explorer 7 browser has now been out for a while and my stats show that up to 30% of IE browser users have upgraded to version 7. The gap between...
Stepping into the invisible world
November 1, 2006
Bits and pieces, Photoblogs
Sunset has come and gone silently and the chilly night has begun extending its cloak over the lower mainland. It's not completely dark yet, however, and I can see perfectly well...
A Smart shell
November 1, 2006
Bits and pieces, Cool
EasyPark, one of the major public parking companies in Vancouver, offers a 50% rebate to environment-friendly cars. All hybrids get the discount which has just been extended to...
Geeky Toys
October 17, 2006
Bits and pieces, Photography
There are quite a few fantastic toys keeping me busy these days. First there's Timothy Farrar's FFDD5 set of scripts and actions for the digital darkroom. I'm experimenting with...