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Shooting for the darkroom
September 29, 2006
Bits and pieces, HDR, Photoblogs, Photography
Since I switched from film to digital, quite a few years ago, I'd been walking in a haze, half asleep. The pictures I was taking were but ghosts of themselves. Letting the camera...
Blogging in music...
September 23, 2006
Bits and pieces
Well since these are geeky days, I'm temporarily experimenting with streaming music directly on the blog. You will have noticed the simple controls at the top just below the main...
Ongoing template tweaking
September 20, 2006
Bits and pieces
Thanks to my amazing powers of observation, I've noticed that most visitors to the blog do not care to comment. So I've decided to make it easier on them/you by customizing the...
Pandora: very musically yours
September 20, 2006
Bits and pieces, Cool
Suggested recently by Bee, Pandora has immediately managed to eclipse ShoutCast as my online streaming music player. ShoutCast is great but basically a simple collection of...
New skin for the blog!
September 6, 2006
Bits and pieces
Need I explain? Yes, it looks different in here. This is a high contrast inverted design, probably not suited for everybody; some will find it eye straining. And it's optimised...
HDR, or how to Help Define Reality
August 25, 2006
Bits and pieces, HDR, Photoblogs, Vancouver
It’s called HDR, which stands for High Dynamic Range. I think of it as Help Define Reality. It’s an avant-garde digital photography technique that blurs the line between...